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    - Air Medical Services
    - Metro Product Support

Maintenance & Completions

Metro Aviation Maintenance Capabilities:

  • FAA Certified Airframe Modification, Inspection, Maintenance and Repair
  • FAA Certified Engine Inspection, Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul Service
  • FAA Certified Avionics Installation and Repair

Metro Aviation Completion Capabilities:

  • Metro Aviation has received over 13 Supplemental Type Certificates and performed numerous installations on the following aircraft:
    • Eurocopter EC135 (EMS, Options, SPIFR, AC) – over 30 aircraft completed
    • Eurocopter BK117 (AC, EMS)
    • Eurocopter BO105 (EMS, Options)
    • Eurocopter AS350 (EMS)

Domestic Customers supported by Metro Aviation:

  • ERA Aviation (Gulf Coast)
  • Corporate Jets (Nationwide)
  • Rocky Mountain Helicopters (Nationwide)
  • Petroleum Helicopters (EMS Services)
  • Southwest Air Ambulance
  • Southwest Helicopters
  • Arch (AirMethods)

World Wide Metro Customers:

  • EuroHeli – Japan
  • Anan – Japan
  • Nakanihon – Japan
  • Federal Police – Argentina
  • Heliservico – Brazil (McAlpine)


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